Sokoban is a classic puzzle game where the goal is for the player to push crates onto diamond tiles. Only 1 crate can be pushed at a time. Crates cannot be pulled.

The name "Sokoban" comes from Japan and means "warehouse keeper".

This game features:
- 60 levels with increasing difficulty
- touch gestures to move player
- undo/rewind functionality
- solve functionality (via pause menu)

Move - Arrow keys
Undo move - Space key
Undo all moves - via the << button
Solve puzzle - via pause menu

This game is mobile touch friendly. Control the player by swiping.

Play the game fullscreen here:

Serge Pogadaev

Graphics & Sound Effects

Additional sound Effects

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, HTML5
Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars
(4 total ratings)
AuthorSerge's Games
Made withMonoGame
TagsIndie, kenney, kenneynl, Sokoban


Sokoban-win32.tar.gz 11 MB
Sokoban-win64.tar.gz 11 MB
Download 12 MB
Sokoban-linux.tar.gz 14 MB

Also available on


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level 24 sus???

Would be good if it saved your progress, I got into the 20s yesterday, came back today and I have to start again :(

very interesting. I will download from google play!

Move the boxes to the targets to complete all 60 levels

This is really nice, well done!

Thanks Kenney, love the assets!

Did you make this with Monogame ?

A ported version of the MonoGame (i.e XNA) framework yes

seem like pretty smooth. Don't you port it to mobile ?

Available for iOS and Android :)

Very nice take on the old classic. Suggestions for improvements: I'd like to see a way to disable the sound effects, and to have a move counter shown in the corner.